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A Customer’s Perspective: Using Your Tax Return for a New Garage Door

That’s Exactly How We Spent Our Tax Return About Five Years Ago – Great Investment

I think it was five or six years ago, after we had been in our Leawood home for a couple of years, we finally got tired of fighting our old garage door. It never closed properly at the bottom and there were gaps along the side which made the garage a freezer in the winter and a sauna in the summer.

When we got our tax refund that year, we decided to use part of it to replace the door, and it was terrific investment. We had used Overhead Door when we lived in Liberty, MO and always had wonderful service, so of course we called Overhead Door to have a new door installed. Our new door operated smoothly and closed as it was supposed to.

Subsequently, a couple of years later, we decided to again use part of our tax refund to have a new opener installed. Both products made a tremendous difference in the comfort and convenience of accessing our garage. No more freezing or baking!

While we no longer live in Leawood, if we ever need service on our garage door in Manhattan, KS, we’ll certainly call Overhead Door.

Thanks for your always professional and courteous service.

– Charles St. Clair

It’s always helpful to get information straight from a reliable source. We can share why it’s a good idea to consider using your tax return to invest in a new garage door, but hearing it from a fellow customer in their own words lends perspective that can be particularly helpful.

Charles contacted us after receiving an email promotion about using a tax refund for new garage doors. “That’s exactly how we spent our tax return about five years ago. Great investment,” he said.

Of course we agree, so we asked if he would mind sharing why he feels that way. He’s got some good insight. If you’re curious about a new garage door, you can get a FREE estimate. Just contact us to let us know how we can help.